Firearm Training Certification School

65-650 KAUKONAHUA ROAD. WAIALUA HI 96791 808-292-4292

  • PRIVATE CLASSES FOR COUPLES OR FAMILIES (IN YOUR HOME OR AT OUR FACILITY (call for details and pricing).808-292-4292

  • NRA-HOME FIREARM SAFETY: Designed for the first time gun owner who is looking to purchase a Handgun, and has no experience with firearms or ammunition. State gun laws, firearm safety, choosing a firearm. non-shooting 4 hour course. $125.00
  • BASIC HANDGUN SAFETY CLASS: Required in order to purchase or own a handgun in Hawaii. 4 hour classroom and 2 hours of live range shooting. Students learn firearm safety, how to clean and disassemble different firearms, range safety, gun laws, and how to choose a firearm based on need and personal usage. Students will shoot two different calibers of firearms(.22 revolver and a .9mm semi-automatic pistol)course materials provided. $200.00
  • NRA-PERSONAL PROTECTION IN THE HOME: Home Defense handgun class. Teaching home defense with a handgun and self defensive shooting techniques,laws pertaining to self defense using deadly force in Hawaii, choosing a defensive handgun. 6 hours of classroom and 2 hours of live range Students will shoot 100 rounds of .38 or .9mm ammunition (minimum). Students must provide their own ammunition and firearm. Course materials provided. $200.00
  • NRA-PERSONAL PROTECTION OUTSIDE THE HOME: Advanced-Concealed Carry Defense Course. Advanced level concealed carry course.Course materials provided: Prerequisite: Students must take the NRA Personal; Protection in the Home class first to qualify for this course. Students must provide their own firearm, ammunition and holster. "NO" Serpa holsters allowed in this class. $225.00.
  • NRA RANGE SAFETY OFFICER CERTIFICATION COURSE(Two day) non shooting-course, $250.00
  • TACTICAL SHOTGUN HOME DEFENSE COURSE: Pump shotgun-2 day course(NO SEMI AUTOS) rentals available. $250.00
  • “NEW”. NRA CCW COURSE. Advanced CCW. Training. Meets many states CCW training requirements ($200)"Holstered "Rapid-Fire Course"
  • ALL CLASSES ARE CONDUCTED IN A TWO DAY COURSE FORMAT (except Home firearm safety) On our private gun range.       

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Butch Kauihimalaihi Helemano

  • NRA Defensive Firearm Certified Instructor: Personal Protection in The Home/ Outside the Home.
  • UTAH Bureau of Criminal Identity Certified Concealed Carry firearms Instructor.
  • Maryland Police Training Commission Handgun Certification.
  • SFFT Las Vegas-Advanced Level Defensive handgun course.
  • Stone Ridge Tactical Handgun course.
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer-Range Master.
  • Active Shooter Countermeasures Instructor(non-shooting work place violence course)
  • Tactical Home Defense Shotgun Instructor.
  • United States Concealed Carry Association Affiliate Instructor.
  • Close Quarter Combat Firearms Instructor.
  • Washington D.C. Metro Police Department Firearms Course.
  • State of Hawaii Law Enforcement Officer since 1999.
  • Certified (TASER) AXON-Civilian Instructor.
  • NRA Certified CCW Instructor.