Firearm Training Certification School

65-650 KAUKONAHUA ROAD. WAIALUA HI 96791 808-292-4292

As of June 2022, Hawaii like other states will allow its citizens to carry a 

concealed firearm in public, a Major victory for the 2nd Amendment! 

  "Hawaiiʻs First and Oldest CCW Training Certification School"

*State of Hawaii Required HPD Proficiency Course (5hr One Day course).

*Level 1 CCW Certification Course-Carry Legally in 34 states(2 day class)

*Level 2 Advanced Defensive CCW Course( must pass Level 1 first)

*NRA Concealed Carry course (Holstered Rapid fore course) one day class.

* NRA Defensive pistol. One day course

NOTE: Prerequisite, You must show proof of an NRA handgun safety class in order to take any of our CCW courses of fire, no Hunters safety. 


                         courses are conducted on our private gun range.

                           "We are a Christian Owned Family Bussiness"

                                            1 Corinthians 15: 3-4 



        Butch Kauihimalaihi Helemano

         Chief Firearms Instructor FTCS 

                             Waialua  Oʻahu